Laura Levine
Iggy Pop photo session
posted: March 15, 2010
Iggy Pop, NYC, 1987, © Laura Levine...
Seeing as tonight's the night Iggy Pop and the Stooges will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it seemed a fitting time to post some of the photos I've taken of Iggy over the years.

The main session, in 1987, was a two-parter: first, a portrait of him and Chrissie Hynde for the cover of Details mgazine, and then a solo portrait session. Here's the cover as well as some of my favorite shots from the session which didn't run.

I'll throw in a live shot from 1981 as well. And a snippet from a contact sheet.  Enjoy!

All photos © Laura Levine, all rights reserved.
Iggy Pop, NYC, 1987, © Laura Levine...
Cover photo of Iggy Pop and Chrissie Hynde, NYC, 1987, © Laura Levine...
Iggy Pop and Chrissie Hynde, NYC, 1987, © Laura Levine...
Iggy Pop and Chrissie Hynde, NYC, 1987, © Laura Levine...
Iggy Pop, NYC, 1981, © Laura Levine...
Ellen Weinstein March 15, 2010
These are great, Laura. It is amazing how accomplished you are into such different indeavors.
laura t. March 15, 2010
man, i missed all the good stuff. i wasn't even born for some of this! i'm glad you were tho and there with your camera to record it for the less fortunate of us. amazing photos. cory just had a spazz over the chrissie photos.
marcellus hall March 15, 2010
great! (i was only born in the 1990s, so i missed most of this stuff too!)
Walter Vasconcelos March 15, 2010
Hi Laura,as always great photos!
Harry March 15, 2010
I'm always blown away by your photos, the contact sheet is a real treat. The proximity to rock and roll history. Really incredible.
cathie March 15, 2010
Thanks for posting the intimate stuff and celebrating some of the best photos out there on rock stars. What an interesting face he has. Great to see you in NY!
hanoch piven March 16, 2010
SO so COOL Laura! two great characters!
Laura Levine March 16, 2010
Thanks everyone. I don't usually share my contact sheets but I thought it'd be fun for my readers to see the series that shot came from.
Doug Fraser March 16, 2010
Thanks for the memories. The 80's and walk down to Tower records.
robert neubecker March 16, 2010
wow- spectacular. Keep these coming...
Laura Levine March 16, 2010
I'll do my best! Thanks Robert (big fan here) and Doug (ditto!).
Dave Higgins March 18, 2010
Iggy is an amazing performer, you have captured he energy in every shot. Thanks! PS: Detroit, Iggy with Bowie on key board, opening act was a little band called Blondie. Wish I was in Cleveland tonight.
gonzalo March 19, 2010
iggy pop fan fotos increibles bye