Laura Levine
Alex Chilton photo session, 1981
posted: March 18, 2010
Alex Chilton, NYC, 1981 © Laura Levine all rights reserved...
Alex Chilton, NYC, 1981 © Laura Levine all rights reserved...
Alex Chilton and I took these photos on the rooftop of the Iroquois 
Hotel in 1981 (September, in fact, for you September Gurls fans). When I arrived at his room and knocked on the door, he was still asleep, so I went and got him some coffee and that seemed to do the trick. Up to the roof we went. I think he was still half alseep but that's what I like about these photos - they're very open and unguarded, as we can be when we're not quite awake yet. He was a lovely man and a great talent, and he left us way too soon.
R.I.P. Alex Chilton

all photos © Laura Levine all rights reserved
Steve Wacksman March 18, 2010
Lovely photos, as always, Laura. I recently missed a chance to see Big Star a mere five blocks from my house. I was feeling lazy and too tired. Let this be a lesson to those in need of such lessons - there isn't always another chance. RIP, Alex -sorry I missed you.
randy enos March 18, 2010're the best. my security word..."fineface"
Laura Levine March 18, 2010
No, Randy, YOU are! Thnx, Wx!
J.D. King March 19, 2010
Nice pics, LL! RIP, Alex.
Marcellus Hall March 21, 2010
benny March 22, 2010
As always, your photos make me wish I was there.