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posted: September 10, 2010

When I need a break from the illustration/photography/film/painting world, I buy and sell old stuff that catches my eye. Most of you probably know about my weekend shop, Homer & Langley's Mystery Spot Antiques, in Phoenicia, NY.
Well, I finally got the blog up and running, with lots of credit due to fellow Drawger Laura Tallardy.
Please stop by and check out the blog:
Old mandolin....

Dean Wareham checks out the vinyl at the Mystery Spot....

1920s Speed Graphic camera....

Happy Death Metal Mystery Spot customers....

Homemade baseball game....

Free front porch show by Mercury Rev, Dean & Britta....

The back yard....

Jennifer September 10, 2010
HeeHaw!! where's Fred Sanford?
Laura Levine September 10, 2010
Ha! He joined Elizabeth, at last..... : )
Rob Dunlavey September 11, 2010
I gotta get up to this here Mystery Spot!
laura t. September 11, 2010
great photos, laura! looks great - i cant wait to get up there (one day!!)
Randy Jones September 11, 2010
Phoenicia is a great little Catskills town. We used to hike and camp in Woodland Valley,Slide Mountain, Giant Ledge. We eventually bought 100 acres of land in Oliveria, at Big Indian. We were there for over 10 years and went to Pheonicia regularly. We always went to the restaurants and the country store you're now in. It's a magical place.You've got to watch Spalding Grey's monolog called "The Terrors Of Pleasure". It's all about buying a house in Pheonicia. Eventually we sold our land and we're spending more time on my family's cabin on the Great Lakes.
harry September 12, 2010
Laura, I'm definitely stopping by on my next trip up the Northway.
Drew Friedman September 12, 2010
Great post! Come back to Plonsky!
Laura Levine September 12, 2010
Oh Drew, I miss PLONSKY, oh how I do! I think once I lost my Shop Teacher privileges a little bit of Plonsky died inside me as well. However, I do plan to take up the cause again. As soon as I can find a spare 10 - 18 hours in my day. Meantime, it's simply a joy to bask in the eye candy.
Katherine Streeter September 14, 2010
okay. this blog is bookmarked now and seeing all of your treasures will get me back up there soon!!!