Laura Levine
Red-Winged Blackbirds
posted: January 3, 2011
Red-Winged Blackbird by Laura Levine 2006...

Sad and mysterious to hear about the thousands of Red-Winged Blackbirds falling from the sky in Arkansas on New Year's Eve. They are beautiful creatures. I hope they figure out why this happened and that it never happens again.
fiedler January 3, 2011
Drum Fish January 3, 2011
Don't forget about the 100,000 of us!
Adam McCauley January 3, 2011
That was a bit disturbing, I must say. I'd heard also that there was a rash of dead fish along the same area as well. Beautiful piece, Laura.
John Dykes January 3, 2011
Love them boyds. Re: fish: I heard it is probably a bacterial or viral infection. No other types of fish died. Re: Red Winged BBirds: the thought is a huge flock of them got scared from a night perch on a large roof(s). Once in flight, they have bad night vision, and simply fly into things, including the ground. There was a nearby fireworks exhibit that might have caused that night flight. So the 2 are probably unrelated - which adds to the weirdness of it.
Ellen Weinstein January 3, 2011
Terrible story but a beautiful painting.
Jim Paillot January 4, 2011
LOVE this piece, Laura. I hope they solve that mystery, too.
Laura Levine January 4, 2011
Thanks all. And Drum Fish, of course, I have not forgotten you! It's tragic, it really is.
Adam McCauley January 6, 2011
Hey Laura, not sure if you've seen or not, but today tens of thousands of crabs washed up dead on the shores of Kent, UK. This followed 500 dead birds in Louisiana, 2 million fish in Chesapeake Bay, 100 tons of fish in Brazil, hundreds of dead snapper in New Zealand and 50 dead birds in Sweden. It's all a bit disturbing.
Laura Levine January 6, 2011
Bloody hell!
Richard Downs January 6, 2011
we live on the western slope at the foothills of the Sierra. Today feels like late spring, it is amazing how warm it is. Bulb Plants are sprouting in our yard. 3 weeks ago we got this huge storm and most of our trees hadn't even lost all of their leaves, the weight of the snow on the leafy branches thrashed our trees. Something is up, not saying that it is global warming!