Laura Levine
Tweet Suite!
posted: January 13, 2007
Scarlet Tanager...
I just uploaded my first gallery, a series of paintings of Birds of North America, which I'll be showing in Nashville this spring. Take a gander!
J.D. King January 14, 2007
Awww! These are CUTE! I love 'em! They're tweet SWEEEEEEEEEEET!!! If clicked on, one after the other, maybe in time to some music playing, they make a nice little semi-animation!
Carl Wiens January 14, 2007
Laura-- I really love this series. Beautiful subjects and rich colors-- the food stamp backgrounds work nicely too!
Joseph Fiedler January 14, 2007
Hi Laura! Welcome! Your birds are cool! I've been doing waterfowl lately mysself.
Zimm January 14, 2007
I like bigger pictures! Bigger is better! Hey, I'm old and I can't see too good!
Robert Saunders January 14, 2007
Interesting, this bird series of yours. I was checking out the gallery, and they're delightful.
Zina Saunders January 15, 2007
A lovely series, Laura. And I also love the stamps backgrounds.