Laura Levine
playing dress-up with Bjork!
posted: January 14, 2007
Bjork and I had a blast collaborating on these photo-illustrations, back when I was a photographer and slowly moving over to painting and illustration. These were done well before the days of Photoshop.

With the help of some wonderful stylists and hair and make-up people, she and her Sugarcubes bandmate Siggi were transformed into some of my favorite fairy tale, nursery rhyme and fictional characters. I then posed them in front of a white backdrop, photographed them, made color xeroxes of the shots I liked, and then painted the backgrounds directly onto the color xeroxes. Seems so primitive now!

Check out my gallery for the rest.
David Goldin January 14, 2007
Love the peeing bucket. Where can I get one?
Laura Levine January 14, 2007
I dunno, Goldin. Where can I get a ten foot pole?
David Flaherty January 14, 2007
I'll pay cash for the nudie borjk (as a rep to goldin)
Laura Levine January 14, 2007
Sorry, Flaherty, I have no nude photos of this so-called Borjk (?).
Edel Rodriguez January 15, 2007
Cool! Thanks for posting all of this up! You're on a roll!
J.D. King January 15, 2007
Real nice, Laura! You entered illustration w/a BANG! BTW, here's a poem I wrote a few years back: "Jack & Jill" I forgot that Jack Jones was married to Jill St. John
Tim O'Brien January 15, 2007
Oooo, I love Bjork! Something abut her elfin face and voice drived me wild. Thanks for posting this.
Rob Dunlavey January 15, 2007
Björk's da bomb!