Laura Levine
Gang of Four
posted: January 28, 2007
Here's another blast from the past from the Levine archives.....the Gang of Four, taken in downtown NYC, circa 1981. I wasn't a big fan of punk/post-punk, but I made an exception for them - I really really liked their music. Nice guys too.
And here they are in the bathroom of Irving Plaza......
J.D. King January 28, 2007
Those Brits love hangin' in th' loo. It got Joe Meek into a wee bit o' trouble w/the law... I never heard a note of The Gang of Four. Do you have a choice vid you'd care to add to this post?
Laura Levine January 28, 2007
I'm not much of a YouTube person. I'll hand this request over to Kroninger..... I do remember I really liked the song "Damaged Goods."
J.D. King January 28, 2007
I'll seek it out!
Zina Saunders January 28, 2007
I never heard them either, so thanks for the post Laura and thanks for the vid, Stephen.
Laura Levine January 28, 2007
Happy to add to your musical education, Zina!
Zina Saunders January 28, 2007
Believe me, Laura, I belong in a 600 school when it comes to music.
David Flaherty January 28, 2007
Love that clanggy home he is a tourist...
Josh McKible January 28, 2007
Man oh man... I lurved, LOVED these guys back in the day. Really intelligent angry music. And you could dance to it.
Adam McCauley January 28, 2007
One of my all time favorites. Hugely influential as well, especially in the current young hipster set. An utterly ingenius band. We recently saw them reunited, they were as great as ever. Great photos too, thanks for posting them Laura.
Peter Cusack January 28, 2007
Me loves the bathroom shot! Someting about it reminds me of The Who. The sum of the first two resembles Pete T. Great shot.
Adam McCauley January 28, 2007
Stephen, thanks for these great clips!!! Especially enjoyed the Old Grey Whistle Test.
Hal Mayforth January 29, 2007
I'm with you, Adam, The Gang are one of my all time faves also. I had the pleasure of seeing them at Hammersmith Palais in their prime and it was a sight to behold. They kind of lost it a bit when Andy Gill and Jon King were trying to do it themselves at the end there, but last year's Return the Gift is a pretty great record. H.
Jon Berkeley January 29, 2007
It was their bass sound that always did it for me. Ditto with A Certain Ratio. I'm still waiting for slap bass to come back into fashion. Apart from the odd outing from Flea it seems to be a forgotten art.
Leo Espinosa January 31, 2007
Their music frames one year in my life, 1989. I could not listen to anything else. Then came The Pixies. Thanks for posting about the gang, Laura.