Laura Levine
posted: January 31, 2007
OK, since I realize I've been posting what some of you might consider to be  obscure musicians, here's one you all should know. In 1982 I was assigned by Interview to shoot a portrait of Madonna. Her first single (Everybody) was just about to be released. She came over to my little apartment in Chinatown and we spent a few hours together shooting pics. She was a total pro.
Edel Rodriguez January 31, 2007
Nice pictures, but who's this "Madonna" you speak of?
David Flaherty February 1, 2007
That's some hairy arms! So young. Any Shakira?
laura February 1, 2007
so fabulous and such a babe! you did a great job capturing her crazy coolness 8)
Tim O'Brien February 1, 2007
Madonna is an English Jewish woman in her mid 40s. Nice shots! What a face she has.
Scott Bakal February 1, 2007
In the 80's when I was a teen, I had a 'thing' for Madonna for about 20 minutes. Then I realized she couldn't sing and her mustache was a turn-off. ...and man, LOOK at those arms. More hair than me! Any further stories about your experiences with her? It is a cool shot and neat to see her documented this way. Regardless of what I think about her and her music, she IS fascinating. This one person created and built an incredible business and culture around herself. I enjoy learning about people of note like this.
Zina Saunders February 1, 2007
Great photos (as always!) Do you know beforehand how you're going to shoot the subject? Like what the background is going to be and props and stuff?
Robert Saunders February 1, 2007
For me Madonna used to be one incredible babe. I also loved the fact of her being Italian.
Laura Levine February 1, 2007
Thanks, all. Bakal, you've got to get down with the concept that she's a womanly woman of Mediterranean descent. No further stories, actually. It was a very smooth running session. Zina, yes, if it's going to be a studio session I usually try to come up with some ideas ahead of time, but of course it's all about the subject, so I go where it takes me. In this case I had a hand-painted canvas backdrop which I hung up, and I probably had some thoughts of working with the fabric, wrapping herself in it, etc., letting her improvise and/or giving some direction. In this case I think I gave direction (i.e. "OK, now look like you're screaming" etc.). Sometimes the prop is no more than a stool. There have been other sessions where I've had a very clear concept in mind, but again, only if the subject is comfortable with it and it fits their personality. If it's an outdoor session, sometimes I'd scout locations and other times we'd just wander around till we found a good spot.
Bakal February 1, 2007
Woman-ly woman...I can dig that... hee-hee! Thanks Laura...
Larry Ross February 1, 2007
Neat pictures and story! Looks like you've had a lot of fun in your career.