Laura Levine
posted: February 12, 2007
Or, as me and my friends call him, Prinf.

If I had an exciting new illustration to post, I would. But I don't. So here's an earlier work of mine, different medium. Taken at The Ritz in 1981. Enjoy.
Federico Jordan February 12, 2007
I love Prince! I hope some day he visits México.
Federico Jordan February 12, 2007
That is a great picture Laura. Congratulations. I will buy that underwear. F.
Tim O'Brien February 12, 2007
Super cool. I love Prince. I have not liked anything released since Diamonds and Pearls. The Black Album is amazing. Great image. I remember back in 1982 I was working as a Janitor nights at a printing plant. A woman there who went to brown and was cool showed me a cassette and said to listen to it. I hated it and told her. She insisted he was great. I came around fast. He's great. How cool are YOU Levine?
Zimm February 12, 2007
After the Grammys, all I really wanted was an award for Best Super Bowl Half Time Performance - but no luck there. Laura - you hooked me.
laura l. February 12, 2007
Thanks, all. I have another one where he's just as smokin'. If I can dig it up I'll scan it and post it for you.
David Flaherty February 12, 2007
Tim: Yeah, It's odd how his music lost it's edge at a point. Good songs here and there but not the genius of his early stuff. Songs with bad raps in them. Yuck. Still a great performer.
Roberto Parada February 12, 2007
Luara, That's a great shot! It looks like it's from the Dirty Mind era. "When you were mine" one of my favorite Prince songs ever. Do you know that he's supposedly a Jehovah's Witness now? So I don't imagine he plays anything from the Dirty Mind repertoire any more. Would love to see more.
Roberto Parada February 12, 2007
Laura, so sorry about the typo on the spelling of your name in my previous posting... I had a few glass of red wine.
luara : ) February 12, 2007
Roberto, I must've had more than you, because I didn't even notice it!
Jon Berkeley February 13, 2007
Great shot, Laura, but it's breakfast time where I am. Yeeurgh! Put me right off my Weetabix.