Laura Levine
Honky-Tonk Heroes & Hillbilly Angels
posted: February 15, 2007
Some pages from my most recent children's book, portraits of the pioneers of country music. Check out the gallery for more images, if you are so inclined.
Peter Hermann February 15, 2007
these are really cool Laura. the Buck Owens portrait made me think of the little creepy guy with the banjo in the movie Deliverance. Love the little birds roaming around in the pictures.
Zina Saunders February 15, 2007
Very cool, Laura. Each one has so many little gems in it!
J.D. King February 15, 2007
You are a hillbilly -- from the hills of Chinatown, NYC and Cambridge, Mass! Say, don't you currently reside on a mountain?!
Laura Levine February 15, 2007
Thanks, y'all! And a special shout-out to Zimm, who just put another 75 cents into my pocket! Woo-hoo! Btw, it's difficult to see it in these scans, but I incorporated tiny bits of cut-up trading stamps into the paintings as accents. The stripes on Buck Owens' hair are actually pieces of KING KORN stamps. (Get it? Remember when he used to pop out of the corn field in HEE-HAW?).
Mike Moran February 15, 2007
Some of my favorite things are Honky-Tonk and your art,Laura. I just ordered the book too. Great! One of your post you mentioned a show coming up in Nashville. I may be there in April. When is the show?
laura l. February 15, 2007
Ka-ching! $1.50 and counting! Keep those orders coming, folks! Mike, my Nashville show isn't 'til June 9 (Fan Fair weekend), and it's going to be of my bird paintings, actually. La Luz de Jesus still has some of my country paintings, if you happen to find yourself in L.A. anytime soon. Thanks!!