Laura Levine
Look what arrived in the mail today!
posted: February 15, 2007
I am one lucky duck. Randy Enos' amazing Diego and Frida print arrived in the mail today. It's amazing on so many levels. Thank you, Randy, I will treasure it always. (p.s. sorry I couldn't fit it all on the scanner, so it's not the best scan).
Gary Taxali February 15, 2007
Laura, you hit the jackpot! Amazing print by an amazing artist. Wanna sell it? Gary
laura l. February 15, 2007
Hehehe....not in a million years, Gary!
Stephen Kroninger February 15, 2007
Randall is just about the most generous person to have ever walked the face of God's green earth. And I'd even go so far as to say not even JUST about but FULLY about.
Zina Saunders February 15, 2007
A very lucky duck, indeed!
Nancy Stahl February 15, 2007
Wow...!! And it's too big to fit on the scanner? Oh, boy. That's a real treasure. What a guy, that Mr. Enos is..! (ahem..! Randy, you know, I've always loved the blue one with....)
John S. Dykes February 15, 2007
Steve Brodner February 15, 2007
This is magnificent.
Peter Hermann February 16, 2007
Now that's one gorgeous print ( if this is a bad scan, the original must be beautiful like a woman).
Hal Mayforth February 16, 2007
That is a great print, Laura. You are indeed very lucky. I'm thinking a nice simple black frame. How about you? H.
Cathleen Toelke February 16, 2007
It is gorgeous. Says a great deal, doesn't it? When I first glanced at the thumbnail on the Drawger home page, I thought it was a steamship, the ocean-going kind.
David Flaherty February 16, 2007
So Randall wanted a prince print! Lucky dog Laura.