Laura Levine
Tina Weymouth and Grandmaster Flash
posted: February 16, 2007
I shot this portrait for the cover of the New York Rocker back in 1981. It was right around the time when the hip-hop and downtown music scenes were starting to discover each other, and there was a wonderful cross-pollination going on (Liquid Liquid's "White Lines," Blondie's "Rapture," and in this case, the Tom Tom Club's "Wordy Rappinghood"). Flash and Tina got along great, they had never met before.

Boom boxes were the prop de rigeur back then.
J.D. King February 16, 2007
Machines the size of a car to play a widduw cassette tape!
Zina Saunders February 16, 2007
GREAT photo, Laura. I love the young and softly eager look on his face, and the studied cool on hers.
daveB February 16, 2007
what a great photo - and what great folks you've met and photographed, laura! I think its hilarious to think about boom boxes in todays ipod age - hey RAG! - that might make a great NYer cover - splitscreen of a subway car - on one side circa 1982 - people with boom boxes - on the other side today - people all with white cords coming out of their ears
Mark Fisher February 16, 2007
Laure, nice shot. Just watched 'Stop Making Sense' the other day, my favorite concert movie.
David Flaherty February 16, 2007
Ha! looks like a young Nancy Stahl! (girl on left that is).
Mark Matcho February 16, 2007
Man, what a great shot! Tina W was a killer-ass bass player, and The Heads, along with maybe XTC, were probably my favorite bands of that very fertile era. Great stuff, keep it coming!
laura "genius of love" l. February 16, 2007
Thanks, all. In fact, just recently Chris & Tina contacted me for a print and wrote me the nicest note, saying how much that photo meant to them. I remember that session well....we walked just a few blocks from my place in Chinatown, down towards Monroe & Cherry Street, to a playground in that area. I shot them sliding down the slide and doing all sorts of goofy stuff too. And now they're both members (or soon to be, in Flash's case) of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!
David Flaherty February 17, 2007
Nancy, I should have said teenager!