Laura Levine
Society of Illustrators Editorial/Book soiree this Friday
posted: February 20, 2007
Don't forget, kids! The Society of Illustrators Editorial & Book awards/opening/soiree is this Friday, Feb. 23rd, 5:30 - 8:00 at 128 East 63rd Street. Yes, it's $30. at the door, but includes all the crudites you can eat.
Dale Stephanos February 20, 2007
What's the policy/ettiquette idf you don't have something in the show? Is it still okay/not looked down upon if you show up?
Tim O'Brien February 20, 2007
Well Darling, you stole my thunder. Yes, this is the big one. We are getting everything together. I was the show on the walls today and it's stunning. The show should be twice the size really, there was that much good work. I spent the day getting together the presentations and setting stuff up. I look forward to seeing all of you there and I can't wait to finish my little bit on the stage to have myself a bit of booze.
laura l. February 20, 2007
My guess is the more the merrier, esp. if you bring 30 clams with you!
laura l. February 20, 2007
Oh jeez, Tim, I'm sorry! It really is your baby. Forgive me?
laura l. February 20, 2007
But aren't you just a wee bit impressed with that lovely photo of crudites I dug up? : )
Tim O'Brien February 20, 2007
Dale it's a packed house and if you have the 30 clams, your in. It should be a fun night. I just can't wait till I walk off that stage. Have a shot of tequilla ready for me.
daveB February 21, 2007
30 clams? even for high-falutin Art Director types? : > ) It may be a silly question - but can the Society give a receipt for the price of admission?
Zina Saunders February 21, 2007
Beautiful crudites, Laura!
Rob Dunlavey February 21, 2007
"Crudites" Hey that's French, non? Moi? I'll be in New Hampster sliding on the snow with the family. Have fun!!