Laura Levine
Sinead O'Connor
posted: February 27, 2007
Ever since Britney shaved her head I've been getting tons of hits to my website. What's the connection, you ask? This photo of Sinead O'Connor. Those pesky online teens found it and have been linking it to all sorts of Britney sites. Fine with me!

I did these photos with Sinead in 1988. I'd heard an advance of her record and was blown away. So I rang up her label and begged them to allow me to photograph her when she came over. (She'd never been to the States before). She came by my loft and was perhaps one of the shyest people I'd ever worked with, very sweet, very quiet, but also very sure of herself as far as what she was and was not comfortable with.

Some of my favorite shots were the ones of her curled up in a ball on my bed.

(By the way, in case you're wondering why I always put that unsightly copyright notice on the photos I post on the web, this is why. Once they're out there, they're gone, so I'd at least like people to know who the photographer is.)
Dale Stephanos February 27, 2007
Great photos, great story Laura. It's funny that the Britney fans are stumbling onto this. Maybe they'll accidentally start listening to good music because of your photos. You could be the first step on their road to good taste!
laura l. February 27, 2007
Thanks, Dale. Wouldn't it be amazing if my work helped change the world in this tiny way, and was used for good instead of evil? Even one teenager? : ) Leo, what a great clip (I assume that's what you meant by cereal coming out of your noses?). Anyway, I thought it was great. Hard to believe she was only 21 at the time. What a talent!
Edel Rodriguez February 27, 2007
One of my favorite musicians, I still listen to her albums all the time, they always sound fresh.
Leo Espinosa February 28, 2007
Yep. That's what I meant. We were blown away by her. My girlfriend made herself a black tanktop and cut her hair real short the following week. I had my own Snead for a while. That was so kwell.
Nick Ramos February 28, 2007 got to meet so many cool and interesting people. I am a big Sinead fan, and I used to play the "Lion and the cobra" nonstop... Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures...
David Heatley February 28, 2007
Laura, I think your stuff is fantastic. I love the painted illustrations you do especially and didn't know you did photos. That Sinead picture send me right back to my teenhood. I remember several girls at my high school shaving their heads after that came out. Awesome! Loved seeing the movie set you painted too!