Laura Levine
posted: March 11, 2007
A shout-out to R.E.M., who tomorrow will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This shot is from the very first photo session we ever did together, twenty five years ago. I photographed them more than any other band in my career (I also made a movie with them), and I don't think I've ever known a nicer, more decent or smarter group than these four. (Not to mention of course, talented). They have an incredible sense of integrity and loyalty in everything they do. They've truly earned all the success that has come their way.
df March 11, 2007
I saw them live in Cincinnati eon's ago.
Adam McCauley March 11, 2007
I really enjoyed an archive interview Stipe had with Terry Gross on Friday. He's an interesting, thoughful and articulate guy. Personally I've never been a huge fan of REM but really appreciate what they've brought to pop music. Great photo Laura!
Dale Stephanos March 11, 2007
Laura, great photo. It took me a second to realize who that guy on the left with all the hair is!
Rob Dunlavey March 11, 2007
I was at an artsy conference at Black Mountain College back in the early 90's organized by my friend Roger Manley. Lots of different kind of eccentric people were in attendance including Michael Stipe. I just remember how long his eyelashes were and that he was canvassing folks on the meaning of the word "ethos". We did our best to define it for him. Maybe it ended up in a song? When I put stuff in my head, it just swims out of sight and I never know when I'll get it back. I had the impression that all that sort of stuff was pretty accessible to Michael Stipe. Omniverous. I got a lot of respect for the arc of REM's career and stances they've assumed as artists. Solid stuff. Bit like Neil Young. Got any Neil Young stories/photos?
David Goldin March 11, 2007
Thanks again for inviting me to see R.E.M. with you way back. A couple of kooky artists out on the down.
Laura Levine March 13, 2007
Thanks, David, Adam, Dale.... Rob, Roger Manley is the outsider artist expert, isn't he? Michael S. gave me my first piece of outsider art, a Finster, in the early 80s, and I was hooked. You know, my mom attended Black Mountain College in the early Fifties - it sounds like it was quite a place! She performed in John Cage pieces and lord knows what else. I have no Neil Young stories, sorry, but you can count me as one of his biggest fans for sure. Goldin - I've checked with my failing memory banks and they are reporting back that they have no recollection of this alleged demonstration of generosity on my part. Can you remind me more? (Where/when?). Was it fun?