Laura Levine
A worthy cause & some wonderful photography
posted: March 12, 2007
Milton H. Greene
Marlene Dietrich, 1952 New York City...
The Humane Society of NY is holding its Second Benefit Photography Auction on April 16. You can go online and bid on work by Steichen, Horst, Ritts, Erwitt, Michals, Leibovitz, Wegman, Springsteen, Davidson, and...Levine!

Great work, great cause.
rag March 13, 2007
You're in great company you Rock Star. Remind me to get your autograph next time I see you...
Lou Brooks March 16, 2007
Hi, Laura... I've been a fan for quite awhile, and have loved all of your stuff in Blab. My Stan Getz CD cover that you did is still a fave. But that aside, your photography is breath-taking. Thank you for posting it... along with the stories. We have a few things in common, I think: I never made the mistake of having any "formal training" either... and not once in my life have I ever been asked to wear one! Okay, but that time with Randy at Peepland doesn't count!
Laura Levine March 16, 2007
The fandom is mutual, Lou! I believe you did one of my favorite Blab! covers, a couple of issues ago. We also have Shep in common - check out my previous posts - but you probably know all that stuff anyway. : ) I'm glad you like the photo postings....I'm of two minds as whether or not to keep posting them, but if I can bring a smile to even one face, make a tiny little difference in one person's life in this big cruel heartless world of ours, then I shall continue!