Laura Levine
The Junk Fairies are Smiling Down on Me!
posted: April 19, 2007
So there I was driving around L.A. with my friend Laura and I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. "Pull a U-Turn! Pull a U-Turn!"

And there it was. Thousands of books just....THERE. Dumped outside a house. A strange mix of astronomy, calculus, religion, art, Judaica. The house looked recently abandoned.

The next door neighbor came out at one point and I said,"A lot of books, huh?" and he said, "What books? Hey, I didn't notice those before."

We spent about an hour there scaling the mountain and plucking the flowers. There were more in the back too, that you can't see,
Laura Levine April 19, 2007
That's my friend Laura in the photo.
laura t. April 19, 2007
this laura is super jealous. if nothing else, a big pile of books is satisfying to look at.
rag April 19, 2007
This scene says "nasty divorce" all over it.
Joseph Fiedler April 19, 2007
Hey, that was an art installation sponsored by LACMA! You may be liable for prosecution under laws of Los Angeles County!
David Flaherty April 19, 2007
fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian soft science fiction novel by Ray Bradbury that was published in 1953. Reminds me of that movie
Hal Mayforth April 19, 2007
Who needs books? We have computer games! That's quite a find, Laura. H.
Heidi Schmidt April 19, 2007
Wowie! My mouth is watering.
ron jeremy April 19, 2007
to hell with the books. I wanna see more pix of of that black haired cougar in the tight jeans.
Scott Bakal April 20, 2007
Tell Kilpatrick...he'll probably depleat the Detroit used bookstores within the next month or two...this find could last him, oh, 3 or 4 months. Nice shot and great story!
Alex Murawski April 20, 2007
Dale Stephanos April 20, 2007
That looks like my living room. Mine has a child or two buried (alive, eating old pancakes) in there somewhere.
peter Cusack April 20, 2007
Oh My! Those people have problems. Was there a good art section.
Mike Moran April 21, 2007
Very funny. Once a friend and I came across a mountain of old toilet bowls at a hotel that reminds me of all these books!