Laura Levine
Laura Levine/Jon Langford exhibit in Nashville
posted: June 4, 2007
I'm really excited to be showing with the multi-talented Jon Langford (Mekons) down in Nashville at the TAG art gallery. Opening is this Saturday, June 9th.
Here's a close-up detail of one of the other pieces.
Marc Burckhardt June 4, 2007
Congratulations, Laura. Langford has shown here in Austin several times (at Yard Dog, where you've shown in the past) and has quite a following in music circles. Should be a good turnout.
laura levine June 5, 2007
Thanks, Marc! I'm definitely counting on Langford to pull in the crowds, as I only know two people in Nashville! Hey - Yard Dog is when we first met, remember?!
Edel Rodriguez June 5, 2007
Laura, I like the background of the bird painting. Are those stamps? Good luck with the show.
J.D. King June 5, 2007
Knock 'em out in Nashville!
Mark Fisher June 5, 2007
Laura, The art, in fact the whole poster looks great. Good luck with the show.
Scott Bakal June 5, 2007
Good luck Laura! Nice image for the poster...any sneak peaks of the others?
Mike Moran June 5, 2007
Good luck Laura. Nashville is a fun town and the Tag is a cool gallery. Take a stroll over to Hatch Show Print! I always liked Jon Langford's paintings and his a talented musician too!
Hal Mayforth June 5, 2007
Congrats on the show Laura. May the Nashville Cats open their wallets.
Cathleen Toelke June 5, 2007
Best wishes, Laura. This series must have an especially impressive texture in person. Leave it to the queen of mystery items to use stamp pages for the backgrounds.
Dale Stephanos June 5, 2007
Good luck on the show Laura. I love the stamps/birds. It's not a poster? It should be. It's really beautiful.
Christoph Hitz June 5, 2007
Laura, A superb poster! Have a great show!
Roberto Parada June 5, 2007
Laura, I wish you the best of luck with the show. I hope you sell them all. What a awesome idea for a exhibition!
Ali Walsh June 7, 2007
Hi Laura, My partner, artist Dolan Geiman, has exhibited with TAG in the past. I just found your site from a little Google alert on TAG Art Gallery. I'm confident you'll have a great show this weekend. Wonderful work! Look for a plug about the show on our blog, Daily Dolan Geiman (, tomorrow morning. Ali Walsh Contemporary Art with a Southern Accent