Laura Levine
A Secret About Golden Paints
posted: June 6, 2007
Flies love it! This little fellow alit on the palette and sat there drinking the stuff up like it was nectar. He must've gotten a little drunk, because when I touched him he just ignored me and kept on drinking.
Adam McCauley June 6, 2007
Whoa, this is freaky...
Robert Hunt June 7, 2007
Wow...maybe you should make him a little brush...
Jim Paillot June 7, 2007
I'm working late and your getting flies stoned. Where did I go wrong?
Scott Bakal June 7, 2007
Maybe he was stuck to the palette? Maybe his insides solidified from the acrylic base...a live sculpture? Weird...!
Roberto Parada June 7, 2007
You need to give it pet name now. Are there any flies stuck in Pollock's pieces?
David Goldin June 7, 2007
The fly drank the paint to get the bad taste out of his mouth.
J.D. King June 7, 2007
That's not a fly; it's Vincent Price.