Laura Levine
Penmanship Practice
posted: June 29, 2007
Here are some old penmanship practice notebooks and pages from the archives. The sayings that students were required to copy over and over again are as interesting to me as the penmanship. Ah, the days of good old fashioned values.
Zina Saunders June 29, 2007
These are really fun to look at. It reminds me of my Mom's handwriting; in her small town school in Columbus, Nebraska when she was in grade school in the 1920's, they set great store by the quality of the students' handwriting. And, try as I might, I can't come up with a funny aphorism to put in my comment. Wish I could.
randy June 29, 2007
Ah yes.....I did plenty of this back in the early 40's.
Cathleen Toelke June 29, 2007
Oh boy, Mr. Spencer would fail me for sure! The first exercise looks like trellises. Very interesting pages, Laura. Standards are definitely lowered from those days.
Heidi Schmidt June 29, 2007
Wow. It must have been a chore to grade this stuff. Cursive is a lost art I'm afraid. They don't teach it anymore in my local schools. Interesting.
Bob Staake June 29, 2007
WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! that's the sound of sister marie floogenson cracking me against the knuckles with a yardstick because my penmanship just utterly sucked. it only became worse with each beating the further crippled my hands. i love irony.
Alex Murawski June 29, 2007
This is so cool. Why I love drawger.... can't count the reasons.... but stuff like this is one. None of my students have any idea what I'm talking about when I mention the Palmer Method and it's relationship to learning how to draw... rythmic line and pattern, fluid movement, long line... composition, blah blah, on and on. I will show them this page and they will see (maybe). Thanks Laura.