Laura Levine
Critter on the porch
posted: July 26, 2007
Does this really need an explanation?
Brian Stauffer July 26, 2007
oh my. Black bear mam with cubs. Not a good thing. One of natures nasty little pranks, combining serious cute-factor with other-worldy strength and lethality. I suggest the 'ole "look honey, I'm feeding them bread from my mouth" trick.
Adam McCauley July 26, 2007
Does that bear realize it's being photographed by THE Laura Levine?
LL July 26, 2007
: ) You know, I tried to get her to sign a model release, but she'd have no part of it.
David Flaherty July 27, 2007
Great vantage point! What are they looking for? Bird seed I think. They love that stuff. Get a pan out and bang it!
Heidi Schmidt July 27, 2007
Wow. I guess I'll stop whining about my skunk family. Booboo and Yogi are lookin for Pic-a-Nic baskets, no doubt.
Christoph Hitz July 27, 2007
Watch out it's David Goldin in his bear suit. I can't believe he has his kids involved in this. Gee wiz!
Cathleen Toelke July 27, 2007
It's a jungle out there! East side of the Hudson, we've got the deer ticks; on the west side, you've got the bears.
LL July 27, 2007
Yes, it's the bird seed. They go crazy for it!
Rob Dunlavey July 27, 2007
Nuthatches are much smaller in Massachusetts... be careful!
Dale Stephanos July 27, 2007
Yow! Maybe you need to do a different kinda' shootin' Laura! My mother had the same thing happen last spring. They never came back though.
Adam McCauley July 27, 2007
Just wait till those bears find Bob Staake's bird seed totem!