Laura Levine
Message for Goldin
posted: July 29, 2007
Call me. I have some $$ for you.
df July 29, 2007
What if I call?
Elwood H. Smith July 29, 2007
Wait, David has asked ME to be in charge of any loose change thrown his way!
J.D. King July 30, 2007
To bring everything up-to-date, Goldin instructed me to handle said financial matters. Please make the check out to: J.D. King. Senk you veddy mudge. PS: Ignore all other impostors and scam artists.
spartacus July 30, 2007
I'm David Goldin
David Goldin July 30, 2007
I just woke up.... what's going on? Why is my Monstor on drawger?
Nancy Stahl July 30, 2007
"Senk you veddy mudge." ...?? For a minute, I thought we had found our Olaf..
Laura L. July 30, 2007
Your Monstor has found a new home, Goldin.
J.D. King July 30, 2007
Olaf?!? That was my Peter Sellers impression! I can do many impressions: Judy, Judy, Judy... On tonight's reel-lee big shoe, we have for the kiddies... The Beatles! Ya rats! Ya dirty rats! Ya killed my brudder! I am not a crook... Yas, oh yas, my little chickadee... Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn! NIZE LAY-DEE!!!
Nancy Stahl July 30, 2007
actually I thought it was Andy Kaufman who said "Senk you veddy mudge."
J.D. King July 30, 2007
Awright, Nancy! So what if my Peter Sellers isn't my best? Try these: Hogan! HOGAN! I see NUTH-INK! Oooh, ROB! Ah did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky... Master! MASTER! The monster! It's UH-LYVE! Admit it! Those are DEAD ON!