Laura Levine
Levon Helm Kid's Ramble T-shirt
posted: July 31, 2007
My good friend Elizabeth Mitchell (who has a wonderful kid's record out on Smithsonian Folkways with her husband Daniel Littleton) does a lot of work with Levon Helm and asked if I'd whip up a T-shirt for his Kid's Rambles. (Some of you are familiar with Levon's Midnight Rambles, which take place in the big barn on his property in Woodstock; this is the kiddie version, and it's been a huge hit).

I was more than happy to oblige with a little pro bono work, and my good friends Rex and Io were happy to oblige with some pro bono modelling.
Here are Liz and Dan and their daughter Storey performing at my shop The Mystery Spot last year....
Leo Espinosa July 31, 2007
Very sweet, Laura.
J.D. King July 31, 2007
Very nice!
Hal Mayforth August 1, 2007
Great shirt Laura! I've been hearing great things about Levon's barn get togethers. At our last band rehearsal, our drummer brought a tape of one of these evenings. I'd love to check that out sometime.