Laura Levine
Black Trumpets!
posted: August 2, 2007
today's catch...
This is turning out to be a good summer for mushrooms. One of my favorites is the Black Trumpet (a/k/a Horn of Plenty or Poor Man's Truffle - technically this may be two different species, but close enough). This clever fellow closely resembles a dead leaf, so they're easy to pass by on the forest floor. But if you know what you're looking for, you can usually find a carpet of them.

They're not much to look at, but boy-oh-boy are they tasty! The aroma is incredible, and they really are truffle-y. A little goes a long way.
in the wild...
I like to shoot them with a flash...they look like little aliens....
Larry Ross August 2, 2007
Neat, Laura. I love mushrooms and these are beauties! Being you're finding these near Woodstock, do they have any "magical" properties?
Dale Stephanos August 2, 2007
Bob Staake August 2, 2007
laura: i have this image of you living in a place where you're robbed by trolls as you cross bridges, the roofs of houses are made of peat moss and whenever a child goes missing, you find an old woman with a wart on her nose and dunk her in boiling oil until she admits she's a witch.
laura l. August 2, 2007
Bob, deep-fried witches are considered a delicacy 'round these parts! (Paired with a nice remoulade dipping sauce).
laura l. August 2, 2007
Larry, these don't, but as far as others, I'll never tell......! : )
Amy Ross August 2, 2007
Wow, those are gorgeous! They look like they're walking around on little legs. Do you ever draw them, or do you just eat them?
Jim Paillot August 3, 2007
I like how they look while they are still in the ground. I wonder who the first person was who looked at them and decided they would be a tasty treat.
laura l. August 3, 2007
Jim, someone took a big leap of faith somewhere down the line! They look like worn out old rubber funnels. Amy, I've never really drawn them, but that's a good idea. And THEN I'll eat them.