Laura Levine
DNA in my Chinatown apartment, circa 1981
posted: August 29, 2007
A shout-out to J.D. King.
J.D. King August 29, 2007
WHOA! You been holdin' out on us, girlfriend!
Laura Levine August 29, 2007
J.D., that's merely the tip of the Arto iceberg!
J.D. King August 29, 2007
Well, quit holding out! Start a DNA/Arto side gallery! Only you can do this! Or maybe, a no wave or a punk rock gallery?
Mike Moran August 29, 2007
Hey Laura, I heard bits and pieces of the new Linda Thompson "Versatile Heat". Sounds really,really good. Neat album cover, too. I'm sure you have a photo of her tucked away.
Laura Levine August 29, 2007
Hehe that a hint? I do have some photos of her, but only with Richard Thompson, which I took in 1982 ("Shoot Out The Lights" era). Thanks for the tip on the album, I'll check it out. Her voice is heavenly!
Hanoch Piven August 30, 2007
this might be 6-10 years later but I do have a semi connection to Arto Lindsay as well.... In 1987 I arrived to NYC and 2 days later I found myself working for an Israeli moving company, moving people and their furniture. In my first day of work we moved a guy named Peter Scherer who said he played in a band called The Ambitious Lovers. The guy had old music records and as an inexperienced mover I was I dropped a whole box of them to the floor on 22nd street breaking a few of them and..oh well you get the picture...(he wasn't my last unhappy customer) A year later I went to watch The Ambitious Lovers playing in The Lone Star and I hid behind my beer the whole show so that Mr Scherer won't recognize me.
J.D. King August 30, 2007
Hanoch, maybe if the sidewalk had been made of flubber, as Laura's apartment floor seems to've been, the records would've been spared?! Anyhow, the world is a happier place all around with you as an artist, not a mover.