Laura Levine
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
posted: September 18, 2007
For Tim and his squirrel.
Dale Stephanos September 18, 2007
Sometimes you feel like a nut..sometimes you feel like chocolate. Good one Laura!
Laura Levine September 18, 2007
This chipmunk liked his nuts processed, chocolate coated, and covered with a tiny paper wrapper.
Alex Murawski September 18, 2007
Man I don't know where you and Tim get the time to train squirrels and chipmunks.... but I am impressed.
Adam McCauley September 18, 2007
Man, those Phoenicia chipmunks are the picture perfect Walt Disney chipmunks. Great shot!
David Flaherty September 18, 2007
He looks like he's going into "sugar shock"!