Laura Levine
scanner art
posted: September 18, 2007
After Adam's cat art I no longer feel guilty about posting this, which I happened to have scanned over the weekend.
laura t. September 18, 2007
remind me never to borrow your scanner @_@
Tim O\'Brien September 18, 2007
What on earth is going ON up there?
Laura Levine September 18, 2007
laura t - Windex Works Wonders! tim o'b - some damn fine hunting cats hard at work. Either that or some sort of rodent plague.
david flaherty September 18, 2007
Looks like goldin after a late nighter.
Dale Stephanos September 18, 2007
Poor little guy. He looks like Pixar's next child star. Now, maybe not so much.
Jim Paillot September 19, 2007
What the...! I come back after some time off and dead animals are piling up around here like kindling.
Nancy Stahl September 19, 2007
Scanned? How did you do that without squashing his poor little body and fur?