Laura Levine
Birds of the Rockies print
posted: October 11, 2007
I've never had prints made of my paintings before, but I was asked by the Jen Bekman Gallery to participate in their 20x200 project, and it sounded interesting enough to give it a try. She releases two archival pigment ink prints a week, in varying editions, sizes and prices, the largest of which is an edition of 200 small prints for the bargain price of $20. each. (Cheep!) Editions get smaller and prices higher from there.

They made a print of one of my large bird paintings (Birds of the Rockies) and the edition of 200 sold out within a few hours of being posted online. There are still some medium and large prints left. There are some other really nice pieces on the site as well, worth taking a look.

You can find it here.
Frances Jetter October 11, 2007
Laura, This is beautiful. I really like the way the background pattern works with the painterly quality of the birds. No wonder it sold out.
Laura Levine October 12, 2007
Thanks, Frances! It was a nice surprise. It's opened me up to the possibility of doing more prints of my work in the future. I know a lot of folks here have done this before, I've been late to the game. : )