Laura Levine
UFOs Land in St. Louis!
posted: October 11, 2007
Four of my UFO paintings will be in the next Blab! show which opens this Friday, Oct. 12 at the Philip Slein Gallery in St. Louis. These were the first pieces I ever had published in Blab!, seven years ago. The series is called The Flying Saucer Review, and is based on documented UFO reports from the 1950's. The pieces are painted on old maple sap bucket covers.

The text for this series of paintings is from the 1958 Edition of The Flying Saucer Review's World Roundup of UFO Sightings and Events.

The artists in the exhibition include:

Gary Baseman
Greg Clarke
Drew Friedman
Fred Stonehouse
Travis Louie
Tom Huck
Ryan Heshka
Esther Pearl Watson
Teresa James
Chris Pyle
Walter Minus
Laura Levine
Richard Beard
Travis Lampe
Kevin Scalzo

Here are a few more from the series........
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Andy Ward October 14, 2007
These look really great laura. They remind me a lot of living back home in the country and a few strange conversations with the kind of strange people you meet where i'm from in the country.