Laura Levine
What, Me Worry?
posted: October 15, 2007
Sometimes an assignment comes your way that's right up your alley. Body + Soul asked me to do a series of illustrations on a topic that I consider myself to be something of an expert on -- Worry. For the full page opener I decided to show the obsessive, suffocating and never-ending dialogue one has with oneself when worrying about things big and small. The art director, editors and I came up with reams and reams of neuroses, worries and frettings. The text eventually overwhelms the pictures, as can worries interfere with day to day life and thoughts.
Dale Stephanos October 15, 2007
Laura, who let you into my head? This is way too on target.
Cathleen Toelke October 15, 2007
I know nothing about this. :D
Rob Dunlavey October 15, 2007
I have noooo idea what this is about. Oh no. Not me! Nice illustration Laura!
Marc October 15, 2007
Nice solution, Laura! No worries here.
Scott Bakal October 15, 2007
Yup been there...still doin' that. Nice job, Laura!
Bob Staake October 16, 2007
very nice, laura. you make neuroses look fun!
Cathie Bleck October 16, 2007
I would have never guessed. It resonates with sweat and tears. By the way, Ana loves her gray sweater from the Mystery keeps her worries away.
J.D. King October 16, 2007
You captured me -- on a GOOD day!
Laura Levine October 16, 2007
Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Needless to say I tackled the piece with an appropriate amount of obsession. In fact I almost slipped "Will they like this illustration?" into the text.
Tim O\\\'Brien October 16, 2007
This is similar to the halo of worry I carry around every day. Kudos
Mark Fisher October 17, 2007
Laura, What you worry? Real nice!