Laura Levine
Walking the Floor Over You
posted: November 26, 2007
Last week I received a lovely email from David Fair (from the band Half Japanese). He introduced himself and told me he was an admirer of my work (he's an artist as well, he makes wonderful paper cuttings). Anyway, we started a really fun correspondence and it turns out that when he renovated his kitchen he decided to forgo the usual linoleum floor for something much more creative. He downloaded images of artwork and photos that he liked from the internet and printed them out into eight by eight inch squares. Added to that a bunch of family snapshots. (And for some reason, lots of pictures of ventriloquists' dummies). All in all he made 1098 tiles which he glued to the floor and covered with seven coats of polyurethane. I'm so honored to be included in his floor - he's got several of my pieces there, which he and his family walk over all day long. (I also spotted some Taxali, Baseman, Kalman....).
J.D. King November 26, 2007
David Flaherty November 26, 2007
Wow, that is really crazy!
Richard Borge November 26, 2007
i love it!
Robert Saunders November 26, 2007
Jeez. And to think this guy lives on planet Earth! You're in cool company Laura.
Brian Stauffer November 26, 2007
I think I see my mad cow image in there! I love it when people go way out on a limb like this.
Leo Espinosa November 26, 2007
How cool is that!?
Rob Dunlavey November 26, 2007
Hallowed ground! Now we know what to do with our old directory pages!
Dale Stephanos November 26, 2007
Wow, and I've always been happy just to have one of my tearsheets up on the refrigerator.
Randy Jones November 27, 2007
What a great Idea. I had to tear up our rug in 2001. We were wheezing from all the disintegrating foam rubber in the air...only to reveal the worst floor in Manhattan. I think the good layer was sold by East Village drug users in the late 70's. I've always wanted to cover it with a floor painting. David's floor is so unique and really personalises a home. If you ever come to visit us , make sure you leave your shoes on . Slivers.
David Heatley November 27, 2007
I absolutely love it. When I have a house someday I really hope to do some crazy personal touches like this. Also have a big fantasy about painting murals for both of my kids' rooms. I'm a big Half Japanese fan and love David's graphics for their albums.
Laura Levine November 29, 2007
For all you Half Japanese/Fair Brothers fans, Jad Fair informs me that he has 3 NYC area shows (music and art) this week. Nov 29 - Knitting Factory (Tap Bar), Nov 30 - Maxwells, and on Dec 1st he has an art exhibition opening in Brooklyn at the McCaig - Welles Gallery. Both of the music shows are early (starting around 7:30).