Laura Levine
Lisa Germano video
posted: November 29, 2007
Another video from the vault. This was quite a production -- costumes, props, live frogs, and sets based on my artwork, all shot on a Hollywood soundstage. Lisa Germano first gained notice as the fiddler with John Mellencamp, and her own music is very dark and emotional and wonderful (Geek the Girl, etc). I suspect this particular song - a major label release before she found her home on the indies -was a little out of character for her.

It was fun to create these fantasy worlds for her to inhabit - fairy princess, cowgirl, bride. Sort of like a living storybook (with an edge, of course). In particular I remember we had a great time going to Western Costume in Burbank to find just the right outfits for the shoot. That place is incredible - acres and acres of costumes from just about every movie you can think of, some with the labels of the movie stars who wore them sewn inside (many were worn by extras, of course), and you can just rent them!

By the way, we also rented those frogs - including some very exotic and expensive ones - and halfway through the shoot a PA noticed that one of the frogs was missing.  A closer look revealed that the legs of the smaller one were sticking out of the mouth of the larger one. The rest of him had been swallowed. I somehow managed to pull the little guy out and he survived. Lesson learned: never put two strange frogs together in the same tank!

Jim Paillot November 30, 2007
How cool is this! I love the way the art works. It's the best part of the video.
J.D. King November 30, 2007
A video so nice it makes Jim Paillot want to wear dresses!
Jim Paillot December 1, 2007
I will take more time to respond to JD later. But it's Saturday so there's a backless sundress, scarf and margarita with my name on it.