Laura Levine
Scarlet Tanager print and interview
posted: February 6, 2008
I'm making a small print run of one of my personal favorites from the Tweet Suite series -- Scarlet Tanager -- as a gift for friends, family and selected collectors, and there are a few remaining, which can be found at Illogator.

Also, a very nice man named Dale Conour interviewed me for his blog, Emerson, which you can read here.

That's all the news for now.
Frances Jetter February 6, 2008
Laura, I enjoy seeing your striking bird prints with their lovely colors and textures. This one brought back a surge of childhood memories, of carefully painting model kits of specific birds, with my mother's help. We would set them outside in branches, where they seemed to be alive.
Nate Williams February 7, 2008
very nice .. I really love this piece
Laura Levine February 8, 2008
Thanks, Frances and Nate. Frances, you really put the models on the trees? That's too funny. (I was a big monster model maker myself).