Laura Levine
Songbirds of the Catskills in THE BELIEVER
posted: September 5, 2008
Songbirds of the Catskills, 36" x 36" (acrylic and vintage trading stamps on birch panel)...
McSweeney's publishes a terrific magazine called The Believer. If you haven't seen it, check it out. Culture. Art. Film. Books. Music. Science. Power tools. Really smart and one of the few publications I happily read from cover to cover.

They contacted me a while back and we've got all sorts of projects in the works. First off is the inside front cover of this month's issue, my painting Songbirds of the Catskills.

As I mentioned previously, Songbirds of the Catskills is also available as a signed limited edition archival print on Illogator. A percentage of print sales will be donated to the Catskills wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization Ravensbeard.