Laura Levine
Gallery of 60s & 70s Asian Pop Record Covers
posted: October 19, 2008
A fellow named David Greenfield posted an amazing gallery of fantastic 60s and 70s Asian pop record album covers here.
Scott Bakal October 19, 2008
Love these! Yeah I do!
Anita Kunz October 19, 2008
gregm October 19, 2008
So cool! Thanks for the link.
Bob Staake October 19, 2008
Things might have turned out SO more differently had Pol Pot And His Li'l Hootenannies really taken off. BTW, I love how 'Walkin Patrina' insisted on sitting down for HER album cover. Nice score here, Laura!
Lou Brooks October 19, 2008
NOW we're talkin'!!! Thanks, Laura.
Laura Levine October 19, 2008
Glad you like 'em! I can take no responsibility for them, just a site I came across while researching some of my own recent vinyl finds.