Laura Levine
LP Cover Lover
posted: October 19, 2008
Speaking of online collections of great record album cover art, this one is the grandaddy of them all!
This one was donated by me, and in fact there's another great website of more Savoy/Harvey gospel LP covers at But I digress........
Doug Fraser October 19, 2008
it's little weird, I start off with a smirk. Then I feel a burp, and taste what I last ate. Then a mild form of nausea grows into depression. Pop culture needs a warning label. thanks i guess...
Andy Ward October 20, 2008
you have agitated my nightmare gland, i can feel it swelling. Must stay awake tonight...must not sleep.
Laura Levine October 20, 2008
It's pretty addicting. First you peek, then you become obsessed, then you....sing!
Robert Saunders October 20, 2008
Oh my, these are just flat-out kooky! Wonderful selection, Laura, the funniest, funnest examples of loony album artwork yet. I've always loved the Cha-Cha.
Cathleen Toelke October 20, 2008
That first one is a fake, right?? Then again, some things don't surprise me. Hilarious stuff, Laura.
Laura Levine October 20, 2008
Oh Cathleen, it's the real deal!