Laura Levine
Sing Me Back Home book cover
posted: December 9, 2008
The terrific book designer Beth Middleworth (Bats4Bones Design) thankfully remembered my portrait of Johnny Cash when she was asked to design the cover for the book SING ME BACK HOME by NY Times editor Dana Jennings (FSG). I love what she did with just some simple type.
Jenning's country music-related memoir has gotten wonderful reviews. He is also currently writing a must-read blog on the Times website about his experience with prostate cancer.
Marc December 9, 2008
Nice one, Laura!
Joe Ciardiello December 9, 2008
Great cover Laura, both art and design.
Adam McCauley December 9, 2008
What Joe said.
Laura Levine December 9, 2008
Thanks, fellers!
Leo Espinosa December 15, 2008
LOVE all the detail on the fire ring, Laura.
Laura Levine December 16, 2008
Thanks, Leo. Those are actually tiny cut-up trading stamps.