Laura Levine
Portland Museum of Art exhibit opens Jan. 22
posted: January 19, 2009
Joan Jett, NYC, 1981 Laura Levine...
I'm very pleased to be participating in Backstage Pass: Rock & Roll Photography, an exhibition at the Portland Museum of Art in Maine, which will opens Jan. 22 and runs through March 22, 2009. The exhibition was drawn from the largest private collection of photographs of rock musicians in the United States.

About 20 of my images from the collection will be included in the exhibit, which also features work by Lee Friedlander, William Claxton, Jim Marshall, Mick Rock, Kate Simon, Lynn Goldsmith, Bob Gruen, Janette Beckman, Daniel Kramer,  Barry Feinstein, Art Kane, Elliot Landy, Terry O'Neill, Alfred Wertheimer, David Gahr, and Gerard Malanga, among others.

I also contributed an essay to the exhibition catalogue, which is being published by Yale University Press and includes essays by Glenn O'Brien, Greil Marcus, Thomas Denenberg and Anne Tucker.

The museum has some great talks lined up in conjunction with the exhibit - author Greil Marcus (Jan. 26) and the legendary Bob Ludwig (Feb. 6).
Here's another shot of Joan and my cat. Both were very good sports....
Marc January 19, 2009
Congratulations on the inclusion in the exhibit! And if you haven't been to Portland, you'll love it (though I'm guessing it's damned cold at the moment).
laura t. January 19, 2009
ohh that looks like an awesome show!! i'd love to attend but it's a bit of a hike from Brooklyn. Post some photos when it's open? :)
Zina Saunders January 19, 2009
Congrats, Laura, on what looks like a great show.
Laura Levine January 19, 2009
Thanks, Marc and LT and Z. Unfortunately I won't be attending (cold! snow!) but I am sending a fellow Drawger who lives nearby in my stead.
Calef Brown January 19, 2009
Congrats Laura!, (and thanks for the passes to the opening!)
J.D. King January 19, 2009
Great pic! And 20 photos of yours!
Robert Saunders January 19, 2009
Nice going Laura!
John Dykes January 19, 2009
Super Laura! I will see this show - looking forward to it!
Rob Dunlavey January 19, 2009
I think we're going up that way in February. Will stop in and check it out! Congratulations!
Cathleen Toelke January 19, 2009
Congratulations, Laura. Great photograph of Joan Jett. I saw her in Boston about that time. She was at the top of her game. No one has a smile like that.
Steve Wacksman January 19, 2009
Congratulations, Laura! I'd love to see this show but don't foresee any trips to Maine in my immediate future. Still, stranger things have happened. That photo of JJ is fantastic. You gotta be some kinda rocker to laugh it off as an ocelot attacks your pickin' hand!
Leo Espinosa January 19, 2009
I love Joan Jett 'cause she loves Rock n' Roll! Congrats, Laura.
Laura Levine January 20, 2009
Thanks everyone. I probably won't be making it up to Portland myself, so I'd love to hear from any of you who do. It looks like a very cool show. Wax - that was my cat, and I know for a fact that she was digging her claws deep into Joan's wrist and probably trying to bite her hand at the same time. She was a great cat, but she never did understand the words, "play nice." Calef - I hope you have a great time at the bash!