Laura Levine
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posted: January 21, 2009
One of my covers for the NY Rocker, designed by Elizabeth Van Itallie.... is running a 3-part in-depth interview with me which starts today. It focuses mainly on my early days as a music photographer and has lots of visuals. Enjoy!
Joseph Fiedler January 21, 2009
Laura, this is super!
David Flaherty January 21, 2009
Leo Espinosa January 21, 2009
Amazing, Laura! Loved, LOVED, loved those pics!
Edel Rodriguez January 21, 2009
That's a nice cover Laura!
Rob Dunlavey January 21, 2009
Can't wait for Part 2! Awesome!
Robert Saunders January 21, 2009
Great pics, Laura, really raw and evocative.
Cathie Bleck January 22, 2009
Great interview from the bottomless reservoir of Laura Levine's closet of multiple talents. Bravo!