Laura Levine
Part 2 of interview up and running
posted: January 22, 2009
Cast photo of my film "Just Like a Movie", Athens, GA, 1983 - sitting, left to right: Cyndy Stipe, Lynda Stipe, Laura Levine, Michael Stipe standing, left to right: Matthew Sweet, Linda Hopper, Bill Berry, Chris Slay...
The second installment of my interview is posted.
Harry Campbell January 22, 2009
I'm just blown away not only by the beautiful, well done photos but that you got to hang with Bjork and The Clash, et, etc. What a time that must have been. Seems like some of the REM photos were right when they were still sort of underground, maybe just getting recognized. Haven't read the whole interview, just some, but will get back to it. The Bjork photo is indeed a masterpiece, and like you say the most simple and fortuitous.
Laura Levine January 22, 2009
Thanks, Harry!
Hanoch Piven January 23, 2009
Laura such an interesting read!