Laura Levine
Reminder that we need to work on our chops
posted: January 29, 2009
Words cannot describe. Just watch.
Leo Espinosa January 29, 2009
call 911, I just pulled a muscle...
Bob Staake January 29, 2009
the only thing that would make this cooler would be if Seigfried and Roy came out on stage riding a dozen white tigers and a mauling ensued -- all as the vegas-style orchestra played on never missing a beat. showmanship is soooooo under-appreciated.
Brian Stauffer January 29, 2009
what, isn't that how you work? Let's see her bust out an Updike upside-down!
Peter Cusack January 29, 2009
She's very cute too! The two guys at the end are boobs. very entertaining thank you.
Laura Levine January 29, 2009
She's definitely raised the bar for us illustrators.
Bob Staake January 29, 2009
i think it would be awesome if thomas kinkade started working this way.
Richard Borge January 29, 2009
That is more than I've moved in a year...!
John Dykes January 29, 2009
At first glance I thought she was going to swallow those brushes like swords.... with the music and all. Amazing what a lightly penciled in outline can do for some impromptu brush work.
Laura Levine January 29, 2009
Next I bet you're gonna tell me there isn't a Tooth Fairy, Dykes!
Drew Friedman January 30, 2009
Incredible! I had no idea where it was going! I'm gonna start dancing while I paint and see where it gets me.
Cathleen Toelke January 30, 2009
I see a new reality show being born from this.
Steve B January 30, 2009
Laura this is the goddamned greatest thing I've ever seen. Thank you thank you. I love her. I work in a similar way. I can sketch, grimace and blow my nose. It's something to see.
Rob Dunlavey January 30, 2009
Dykes, you're jealous. Let me know if you want to borrow my toe shoes.