Laura Levine
CD cover for Alessi's Ark "Notes from the Treehouse"
posted: April 19, 2009
NOTES FROM THE TREEHOUSE is eighteen year-old Alessi Laurent-Marke's debut album on EMI/Virgin (produced by Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes). I was commissioned to paint the artwork for the album cover as well as for the single, merchandising, etc. Working so closely with Alessi on this project has been a joy - she's very special and yes, a little magical. Her music, her writing, her artwork, her entire essence..... she has a combination of talent and spirit I've come across rarely in my almost-30 years working with performers and musicians. In a sense she reminds me of Bjork, or perhaps Victoria Williams - not so much musically but in having the same openness and purity that shined through when I worked with them as well.

Alessi and I have become great friends these past few months via overseas phone calls and late night emails and yes! even psychic brainwaves! (I kid you not) and I look forward to seeing her perform live. Meantime, you can sneak a listen to her music on her MySpace page (page pimped courtesy my artwork), or wait 'til the album is released. (Soon, I think).

The painting I did for her cover combined some of our favorite things - nature, birds and music in the intimate cozy private world of her brain. I'm not sure if I've finally worked those birds out my system yet, but it was great fun to take my bird themes to the next level and construct the birds themselves out of old trading stamps (rather than the background).

bird details...
Cathleen Toelke April 19, 2009
This is charming and magical, Laura! I love how you did the treehouse and arranged the birds--and the roots! Don't work the birds out, keep working them in.
Hanoch Piven April 20, 2009
These birds are lovely Laura. They have almost become a pattern!
J.D. King April 20, 2009
Beautiful, Laura! I'm gonna go check her out online!
Drew Friedman April 20, 2009
I love it too! So nice to see a beautifully painted CD cover in this age.
Hal Mayforth April 20, 2009
Nice work, Laura. I'll be checking her out too.
Zina Saunders April 20, 2009
Lovely cover. And I agree with Cathleen, keep the birdies!
Alessi April 20, 2009
oh wow!! L, thanks dear! it's a treat to be part of such a lovely blog!! xoxo
Walter Vasconcelos April 20, 2009
Nice work, Laura. Good to see your painting in big size!
David Heatley April 21, 2009
It's gorgeous. Love all your album artwork in particular!
Robert Saunders April 21, 2009
Terrific, Laura.