Laura Levine
Have You Seen This Man?
posted: August 18, 2009
This being the month of all things Woodstock prompted me to dig up my own contribution to the festival. No, not the original in 1969 (I was too young), but the one in 1994.

Michael Lang and Barbara Pensoy invited me to paint a panel for the Woodstock Wall, an artists' mural which encircled the festival site. I painted a portrait of Bob Dylan, who was performing there. It was a pretty cool installation - my piece was a few panels down from Peter Max. I think Kenny Scharf had a panel as well, and lots of other interesting folks. (I wonder if there's an archive somewhere?).

Unfortunately, despite some pretty solid screws and nails, someone took off with the panels as the festival wound down. Oh well. Somewhere, a ten foot Bob Dylan is sitting in someone's basement. Later that year Michael and Barbara hosted a show of my work in their Soho loft, so it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

I took photos of the wall, which I'll post one of these days when I dig them up, but here's one of the finished piece.

p.s. wandering Bob reminds me of this recent story
Harry August 18, 2009
Well, I wish it was in my basement. Nice work Laura and bummer that somebody swiped it. The Dylan story is funny. I used to work on Broadway in Long Branch, NJ, printing t-shirts, and basically doing everything else. It's quite a dead dump Jersey shore town. I don't think Dylan would have been as nice or accommodating in his younger days.
Randall Enos August 18, 2009
H-m-m-m...they seem to be quite out of it in N.J.. It probably felt good to him to be treated like a regular civilian...he hasn't felt that for a while. A lovely job as usual Laura. Too bad about the stolen art.
Joe Ciardiello August 18, 2009
Nice panel Laura, love the "Rolling Thunder Review" piece. I remember being at that loft exhibit of yours.
Zina August 18, 2009
I love your picture, both of Dylan and of you with your picture.
David Heatley August 18, 2009
Awesome painting! I'm a big Dylan fan and love your portraits.
Yuko Shimizu August 18, 2009
Wow, beautiful! I cannot believe someone took it down, put on their pick-up (probably, right?) and drove away with it! Is it on your website/portfolio? If not, it should totally be in! I was also too young for the original Woodstock, and was not living in the US for the second. Missed both of it. C'est la vie... xo
Hanoch Piven August 19, 2009
Ha the memories!! I remember being with Ciardello at that opening Laura. and w Anasatasia V.
David Flaherty August 19, 2009
That's big Laura. How did u paint that? On a ladder?
Laura Levine August 19, 2009
Thanks all for the nice comments. I can't believe some of you fellas were at my opening! Yuko, it's not on my website/portfolio. Maybe I'll fix that. I painted this on the ground and then it was brought to the festival site to install. No ladders for me!
Jim Paillot August 19, 2009
Too bad somebody swiped it! I hope it is hanging in a music room at a school. Nice panel. Love that punchy red.
Richard Downs August 20, 2009
Very nice, Laura. Later in life when it pops up at auction, you can sue to get it back!. I predict that you have very good grounds. Excellent work.
Andy Ward August 20, 2009
i love this piece laura! It's more dylan than dylan himself. It's a great compliment that someone wanted it soo bad they stole it. But also a bummer.
Walter Vasconcelos August 22, 2009
Big and beautiful work Laura!