Laura Levine
Time Out NY photo issue
posted: September 2, 2009
A few weeks ago Time Out NY sent me a disposable camera and invited me to participate in their photo issue, NYC in Pictures, a kind of day-in-the-life of New York project. As they put it, "We sent 83 photographers, artists and personalities a disposable camera and challenged them to capture the city as they see it, then asked them about their experience."

Since I was going to be upstate that weekend hosting a front porch concert at Homer & Langley's Mystery Spot, I figured I'd shoot the event. Two Dark Birds was performing, and I was captivated by the singer's three year old daughter, Iris, who was dancing in her own little world while her father played guitar.

Some of the other participants in the project are Drew Barrymore, Jonas Mekas, Sean Lennon, Frank Bruni, Godlis, Brigid Berlin, Tim Gunn, Maripol, Penny Arcade, and yes, I'll admit it, a lot of other people I hadn't heard of, but that's OK, because I'm sure none of them have heard of me either.
Scott Bakal September 2, 2009
Such a cool opportunity!
fiedler September 2, 2009
Man, that's some cool-assed company you're in!
Vanessa September 2, 2009
Love anything with the word !Mystery! in it!!!
sarajo September 2, 2009
great project laura and what nice company you keep!
caroline September 2, 2009
I am sooo wishing I had a car so I could come up to Mystery Spot! Unceasingly interesting and interested, that Laura.
Sesu Coleman September 2, 2009
Once again Laura - you kept the flame alive.....a true artist.
Zina September 2, 2009
I'm going to get this issue, Laura; your picture looks great.
Laura Levine September 2, 2009
Thanks everyone. Zina, I haven't seen the printed issue yet, but I hear tell they used a different photo than the one above.
Dale Stephanos September 2, 2009
Those other folks are in good company. I need to make an excuse to come by. It looks like a treasure chest.
Dana Dorrity September 2, 2009
Good Company to be in and nice photo! If you want good company in a few weeks - Sparrow and I are having our birthday party at my place in Tivoli - 20 Montgomery St. at 7:30 Saturday, Sept. 26th.
Adam McCauley September 2, 2009
Dale - it is indeed a treasure chest! Fun project, Laura, hope the front porch events have been fun and satisfying - would love to come down, but alas.
Michael ONeill September 2, 2009
love love this picture, i only have daughters and this was how i lived m
Cathie Bleck September 2, 2009
Laura-So glad I got to witness the Mystery Spot LIVE a few years ago. Yes, you do keep spirit alive and life a kickin! Congrats! (The photo of Bjork that you did is a proud possession of Ana's and hanging right above her bed.)
Amanda September 2, 2009
Laura, you and Dave Pillard sure do a lot for Phoenicia with your good vibes and music. Thank you for sharing the music and the love.
Andy Ward September 3, 2009
What a great project, what a great photo, what a great porch!
Anthony DeCurtis September 3, 2009
Wonderful shot and project -- both the magazine's and your front-porch series! Warmest, Anthony
April Chapman September 3, 2009
What a great idea.... Did not get to you this summer but will next summer. I want to rent something up there for the summer and leave the overpowering heat and humidity of Athens. Love everything that you post. Best to you.
Katherine Streeter September 4, 2009
I really missed out this summer:: you had some great performers and shows! ..but i'm so happy for you and the mystery spot fame!...