Laura Levine
Gail Ann Dorsey @ the Mystery Spot 10/4
posted: September 23, 2009
Gail Ann Dorsey (Photo by Myriam Santos)...
We've got another great MUSIC FOR FRONT PORCHES performance coming up at Homer & Langley's Mystery Spot the weekend of October 4th. And as always, it's free! The show coincides with the Woodstock Film Festival just down the road, so you can catch some great films and panels and make a weekend of it.

I'm thrilled that my friend Gail Ann Dorsey has agreed to play the Mystery Spot's porch. You may know her from her ten year collaboration with David Bowie (bass, vocals); Dorsey currently performs as a solo artist with a microphone and acoustic guitar in hand. Songwriter, multi instrumentalist, vocalist supreme, Gail Ann Dorsey is a unique and powerful performer with a gift for penning a classic song and delivering inspirational live performances with a welcome candor and grace rarely found in music today.

The music starts at 1PM on Sunday, October 4. The Mystery Spot is at 72 Main Street, Phoenicia, NY (845) 688-7868.

The following weekend (Columbus Day Weekend) we'll be hosting my pals Ambrosia Parsley & Chris Maxwell on Oct. 11 @ 1 PM, and that's it for the season.

Check out this amazing duet of Under Pressure that Gail does with Bowie:

Harry Campbell September 23, 2009
That rendition of Pressure is fabulous. I'd not heard of Gail Ann Dorsey, thank you.
Leo Espinosa September 23, 2009
Me wants to live closer to the Mystery Spot.
Brian Stauffer September 23, 2009
Christ, what a voice.
Leo September 23, 2009
I'm with Leo!
Laura Levine October 1, 2009
Hey everybody, just wanted to remind you about Gail Anne Dorsey's gig this Sunday afternoon. It'll be a great weekend to take a trip to the Catskills - changing autumn leaves, Woodstock Film Festival, and amazing music. Gail promises to do some Gino Vanelli covers!