Laura Levine
SI 52 plus bonus!
posted: November 20, 2009
I love it when an illustration project comes with a hidden bonus. I'm pleased to add to the celebration and toast the inclusion of my work in the Society of Illustrators 52nd Annual (Advertising category). I was commissioned by EMI/Virgin UK to create a painting for the cover of a wonderful CD by Alessi's Ark called "Notes from the Treehouse." (The painting is done with acrylic paint and vintage trading stamps on birch panel).

But what really made this project special is the friendship that Alessi and I struck up. We were first introduced via phone after I received the assignment from her record label. After almost a year of emails, letters and overseas phone calls, we finally met in person just a few weeks ago, when she came to NYC to perform. It's hard to believe she's only nineteen (I believe she was seventeen when she recorded the album) - her talent as a musician, singer, and artist is staggering, and I'm so happy to have made a new friend.

Listen for yourself here (Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes produced the CD). And congrats to all of the other illustrators in 52!

Here we are hanging out in my loft after one of her shows....
Bird detail....
Bird detail....
Marc November 20, 2009
Congratulations, Laura!
Brian Stauffer November 20, 2009
Way to go Laura!
john cuneo November 20, 2009
Great piece, great news Laura.
Dina November 20, 2009
Congrats! You are the best!
Cathleen Toelke November 20, 2009
Congratulations, Laura!
Shout November 20, 2009
congrats Laura! great piece!
Scott Bakal November 23, 2009
Congratulations! Yay!
Harry November 23, 2009
That's so cool. We illustrators tend to live such isolated lives, at least I do, great to see how it can also connect us. I really don't know you but for the posts that I've read, but seems you are very good at making friends and making people feel at ease. Congratulations!
Laura Levine November 23, 2009
Thanks, everyone!
David Heatley December 9, 2009
This rocks!!!
Laura Levine December 9, 2009
Thanks, Heatley!