Laura Levine
PES Xmas Animation!
posted: December 24, 2009
I first met PES and Sarah when I was a judge at the Florida Film Festival back in 2001 (2002?). They had a wonderful piece called ROOF SEX in the short film/animation competition. Since then, PES has pushed the stop-action envelope like no one else. His animated shorts are clever, brilliant, fun and tasty.

You may be familiar with his mini-masterpiece, WESTERN SPAGHETTI.

Here's his latest, a holiday greeting, called Ka-BOOM!

Happy Holidays!

Mark Fisher December 24, 2009
These are SO COOL! Animation at it's best I say.
Lou Brooks December 25, 2009
WOW!! Best Christmas toys ever!
Leo Espinosa December 25, 2009
yummy spaghetti! Happy Holidays, Laura.
Kyle T Webster December 26, 2009
Thanks for sharing these- it's so exciting to see this kind of originality and creativity.