Laura Levine
Joan Jett session, 1981
posted: March 12, 2010
Joan Jett, NYC, 1981 © Laura Levine - all rights reserved...
Joan Jett, NYC, 1981 © Laura Levine - all rights reserved...
It's been a while since I've posted some of my musician photos from the archives. Given that the Runaways movie opens this week, I thought it might be a good time to share some of the portraits I took of Joan Jett back in 1981.

I lived in a tiny one-bedroom apartment in a fourth floor walk-up in Chinatown. There was just enough room to move the sofa out of the way and hang an 8 foot roll of white seamless for my photo sessions. Joan arrived with a bottle of champagne, her manager and a few others in tow. We relocated her mini-entourage into the tiny bedroom and shut the door so they could watch some TV and we could take some photos without any distractions. By the end of the shoot the champagne was gone, Joan's hands were scratched, my cat Tchatchke was exhausted (but happy) and I had some wonderful portraits of a very cool girl.

Joan and I were both around twenty-three years old when we took these photos. She may have had a tough demeanor but she was a girl at heart, and I always loved how these photos showed the playful side of her.
laura t. March 12, 2010
love love love. too cool.
Victor Juhasz March 12, 2010
Great photos. Sounds like good working conditions for the shoot. Are you able to post any more? How appropriate..."rocktalk"
Laura Levine March 12, 2010
Thanks Laura! Victor, thanks. I "could" post more, but I probably won't. I need to keep some close to the vest. These were my favorites, the more personal of the images. But you can see some of the other shots from the session over at Corbis.
Peter Cusack March 12, 2010
Wow . . . one day I would love to get the full story and see the whole portfolio. Have you ever presented our photography work to students. I teach at FIT and St John's. I wonder if that would interest you and FIT? HMMM Anyway, lovely story . . . and memories. AHHHH youth . . . I'm not aware of this movie . . . out of the movie loop, among others. Great work . . . kudos . . . always
robert neubecker March 12, 2010
Great. Cha cha Cherrybomb! Love that girl.
Leo Espinosa March 12, 2010
The year of I love rock 'n roll, right? I remember dancing loco as an early teenager. I had no idea what the lyrics meant (not that it really matters) Great photos, Laura (and Tchatchke)
Laura Levine March 13, 2010
Thanks Leo and Robert!
Tim OBrien March 13, 2010
You are a killer photographer.
Laura Levine March 13, 2010
Awww....thanks, Tim!
peter March 14, 2010
ahhhhh . . . just saw a commercial for the movie during SNL. Looks interesting but honestly i think i like your photograph and story better. feels more . . . real?.
J.D. King March 15, 2010
Great pics!
marcellus hall March 15, 2010